What is Helios ?


The Helios development started in the GSoC’21 under the responsibilities from Python Software Foundation and FURY team.

The GSoC’21 project responsible to develop Helios was named “A system for collaborative visualization of large network layouts using FURY”. If you want to see a detailed summary about the development of this project you can take a look in the final report.

Mission Statement

The purpose of Helios is to make it easy to perform graph/network Visualization …


# Visual Aspects:
  • Can render millions of nodes and labels.

  • You can change any visual aspect at runtime without blocking a network layout algorithm

# Network layout algorithms:
  • Force-directed layout using octrees.

  • Minimum-distortion embeddings.

  • ForceAtlas2 using cugraph.

# Streaming and visualization:
  • Interactive local and Remote rendering in Jupyter Notebooks.

  • WebRTC or MJPEG interactive streaming system.


Helios is distributed under the MIT License


Go to Community page to see who have been involved in the development of Helios.

Bug reports and support

Please report any issues via https://github.com/fury-gl/helios/issues. All types of issues are welcome including bug reports, documentation typos, feature requests and so on.